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Cross Country Year 3 - 6

Cross Country

Our first sporting event of the year began on the 8th October, when our cross country competitors arrived at St Francis Primary School Field in Maldon. The afternoon started in warm sunshine but after the Year 3 and 4 groups raced, the black clouds loomed overhead. It took us by surprise, as many of us came unprepared for what was to come.

The Year 5 and 6 race was shortened because of the heavy rain but the children’s resilience came into force. Even the spectators were in good spirits although soaked through! The certificates did not survive – of which we received many, but we were able to reprint them!

Three children achieved 1st place, five children 2nd place and 3rd place was awarded to two children. They all deserved a medal for their determination and high spirit considering the awful weather!

Thank you to all the supportive families and a soggy Mr Quilter and Mrs Larcombe for their help during the afternoon!