Closure Week 7 

Below are this week's new activities to access. All website and social media resource links are on the 'What's on?' tab. 


As previously, there is no prescriptive set of activities for any individual child but a selection to choose from based on your child's needs and interests. You may already still have lots to do - that's fine - these new activities are here for if you want or need them.

Please use the teacher email addresses for contact with them from you or your child. Using the format e.g. or etc. 

Any concerns about your child's social and emotional health should be directed to Mrs Lawrence or Miss Cleghorn. 

All children, no matter what their age and ability, should be reading and being read to, at least once a day. Why not make a 'Book of the day' and complete activities around it? 

There are many audiobooks available free online - we understand that 'Audible' has opened it's subcription as free. 

Weekly Newsletter

VE Day – Victory in Europe -  8th May 1945

This year, there is a special bank holiday on Friday May 8th to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

We have collected some information and activities you might like to try as part of this special day that marked the end of World War II in Europe.

Although we have grouped the activities into key stages, you can choose anything you want to. There are many that can be enjoyed by children (and adults!) of all ages.

This is a link to the BBC Newsround page with information about VE day aimed at children.

Activity overview - click here 

Activities in zipped file - click here. 

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Work packs

Red text within the activity details indicates there is a printable resource needed. Please note, it is not a hyperlink. 


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