Ideas for everyone : Week 2 

Below are lots of new activities to access. There is no prescriptive set of activities for any individual child but a selection to choose from based on your child's needs and interests. Please read to the bottom of the page for the full range of ideas. Activities will again be changed following each 7 day period of closure. 

Some paper packs will be available for collection in the school reception area. We appreciate many of you will not have completed the packs sent home with the children initially and there is no expectation for these new activities to be completed. They are simply there for if you want or need them. Please only come and collect paper packs if you are unable to print at home and are completely healthy.

Miss Campling, Mr Quilter and Mrs Haley continue to monitor the email address should you need support with your child's learning. Any concerns about your child's social and emotional health should be directed to Mrs Lawrence or Miss Cleghorn. 

We understand the children will want to keep in touch with their friends during this time and recognise how important it is. Could we ask that you recap e safety rules with the children and also remind them that any messages sent via social media should be kind. It can be easy for the children to forget when they are not face to face with people. You can support this through regularly monitoring the groups and apps your child is using.

All children, no matter what their age and ability, should be reading and being read to, at least once a day. Why not make a 'Book of the day' and complete activities around it? 

There are many audiobooks available free online - we understand that 'Audible' has opened it's subcription as free. 

Internet based resources 

A wide variety of educational resource providers have kindly opened their websites with extended free trials to support families with school closures. Please select activities as appropriate for your child based on advice of target areas at the recent parents evening. 

Please note: we are led to believe these resources are free but we have not assessed each one individually - there is NO expectation from the school that any of these sites need to be accessed. The choice lies with you as a family, including knowing when free trials may end. These click-to-follow links are signposts to sites we are aware of but not explored; the appropriateness of each site needs to be assessed by an adult within the family. 

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spelling shed.jpg

Printable resources for a wide variety of subject areas. 

Printable and online resources for maths and English. 

Online games and activities for a variety of subject areas. 

Games and resources for spelling. 

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Oxford owl.png

Online platform for computer programming practice. 

The Reading Ream - App for Apple devices. Activities and games linked to texts. 

Free ebooks, reading activities and reading, English and maths activities and support. 

Free support with learning languages. 


Wide variety of information, games and activities on a wide variety of topics. 

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timestables rock stars.png

Online maths games. 

Online times tables games. 

Read something new - find something out! Activities, games, quizzes and resources. 


BBC touch typing resource. 

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Online maths and English games. 

10 mins shake up.png

10 minute game ideas to keep active. 

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Activities to support children's health and well-being at home. 

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Online maths games. 

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Wide variety of information, games and activities on a wide variety of topics. 

Lots of online reading books - lots of different categories. Select a level on the top right hand corner. 

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Websites and activities to have a look at


Phonics play is now free during the closure period using 

username: march20 password: home 

Have an explore!


Mr Thorne does phonics - search him on YouTube, there are videos for lots of sounds. 

FoL game.jpg

A great resources to learn about the Great Fire of London - and there's a game to play too. 

balloon pop.jpg

Different levels of the game to count in patterns - Adobe Flash Player required. 

Dinosaurs - ROARHH! 


A dinosaur has gone missing. Can you create a poster to help find this missing dinosaur?


Write some instructions for taking care of your pet dinosaur. Where will your dinosaur sleep? What will it eat? How will it exercise?


Try some Dinosaur Cosmic Kids Yoga                   Make a dinosaur mask.



Create a dinosaur egg. You could try making it as a collage.

Write your own dinosaur adventure story.

Where would you go? Use Harry and his

bucket full of dinosaur stories to help you.



Build your own dinosaur world using construction toys such as lego.

Make your own fact sheet about dinosaurs. There are a variety of dinosaur books on the app Rivet or you could use ideas from Andy’s Dinosaur adventures.

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Year 3 and Year 4 - Spies


Design a spy gadget:

Spies need good memories so try this memory game

Make coded messages like a spy: Spies use codes all the time, make this simple code cipher and send secret messages to your family. All you need is some cardboard (perhaps an old cereal box would work?)


Helpful games.png
top secret.jpg
invisible ink.jpg

More secret message work:  Why not make invisible ink? Here are some ways to do so (click to link to original post). Remember to be safe when doing these activities and complete them with an adult!

Watch the video 'Piper' 

Create a timeline of Piper's day

Write Piper's diary. Think about - What happened, what Piper was feeling, what Piper saw, felt and heard. 

Year 3 and Year 4 - additional activities 


Look at the image. What do you think this place is? A museum of delightful things? A factory? A hot air balloon station? Or something else completely. 

If you were approaching this building, what would you see? 

Write a description that tells your reader about the approach - the sights, sounds, what is in front of you and above you in the sky. Think about how you can use your senses in your description and how you will divide it into paragraphs. Think carefully about what vocabulary to use. An online thesaurus could help if you have access. 

Sweet shop of dreams 

Imagine you have visited the most wonderful sweet and chocolate shop in the world. What would be on the shelves? Design and draw 5 wonderful sweets or chocolates - consider size, shape, colour and ingredients so that you have a variety. Create information labels about the sweets explaining what is inside, what they are coated in, the flavours, the shape and size, the ingredients e.g. the most luxurious creamy caramel you have ever tasted. 

Try this LS Lowry inspired unit of work. You can run through the unit a week at a time but make sure you have access to Microsoft PowerPoint, as you need it.  Complete lesson one and three this week (only do lesson 2 if you have paint at home). We would love to see your masterpieces in a few weeks. Don’t worry about the resources it suggest (coloured paints and sugar paper) use pencils and plain white paper and focus on your sketching and drawing skills instead.

You will also need to sign up to a free twinkl account to view the resources. Navigate to the page from the link above and when you select the green download now button, it will take you to a form to fill in. Once you have filled in your details, go back to the link above and you will be able to download the whole unit.

If you missed the Joe Wicks daily workout on Youtube, here are a number of other ones you could try anytime of the day. For more variation, simply type ‘Just Dance 3’ into the YouTube search bar and you will have any number of aerobic exercises whilst pretending to be super star popstars - pick your favourites singers!

Year group specific activities (Y3 and 4)

Year 3 Maths a couple of interesting investigations and puzzles to look at here:

Year 3 Science Try these quizzes:

Year 4 Maths a couple of interesting investigations and puzzles to look at here:

Year 4 Science Try these quizzes


Year 5 and Year 6 - Spies


Try to work out how to use the vigenere code by following the website link below.  Can you write your name?  Once you get the hang of it, you could try to write some longer messages. 



A good spy needs to have a good memory.  The website link will give you some ideas of ways to improve your memory (not only useful for spies but also for learning)!  Why not try some of the activities?



Design a gadget.  Spies use all types of gadgets to help them in the world of espionage.  Use the website link to read about some of the gadgets used. 

If you worked in the world of spies, what gadget would you like to have?  Design your gadget.  Think about what it will be used for (purpose).  Make a detailed and labelled drawing of your gadget.  If you have complex parts, you could draw an exploded diagram to show how they work.

Once you have made your design, write an instruction/explanation text to explain how it works and how to use it.  Remember your Year 5 writing skills!


Additional learning activities:


Dozens Nrich task – divisibility/mulitples

Do you know a quick way to check if a number is a multiple of two? How about three, four or six?
In the interactivity from the link, the computer generates two random digits.
Your task is to find the largest possible three-digit number which uses the computer's digits, and one of your own, to make a multiple of 2, 3, 4 or 6.



As a topic, ‘time’ lends itself to a wide range of fascinating cross-curricular learning. Most children will be aware that there are 60 seconds in a minute or be able to convert an analogue clock to digital, but few will have stopped to really consider the concept of time, how it affects almost all aspects of our lives and how humans arrived at the measurements we take for granted today.

Introduction: Ask the children what they would do if they wanted to know the time? What if there were no clocks or watches? How else could they tell the time? Why is it important to know the correct time? As a class, read through the first of the ‘Time’ activity sheets ‘Natural time keepers’ and complete the activities in order to demonstrate how we get day and night and the seasons. The following tasks can be spread over several sessions. 


Seasons: Discuss with the children about the seasons and the order in which they occur. What colours, moods or events do the children associate each time of year with? You could also play extracts from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, asking the children to compare the pieces and comment on how well they represent each season. Use a season as inspiration and try one, some or all of the tasks below:

writing a story or poem based around the season

devising a dance

selecting instruments and composing a piece of music (you could create your own instruments!)

researching facts about events that occur during their season (changes in the natural world, what people or animals do)

creating a collage or painting reflecting the colours and mood of their season.


Alice in wonderland 

Read/listen to chapter one from Alice in Wonderland.

Reading comprehension -answer the following questions:

1. Describe the table that Alice sees at the beginning of the passage.

2. When Alice opens the door why can she not go through?

3. She goes back to the table and finds something new… what is it?

4. Why does Alice hesitate to follow the instructions she reads?

5. Describe the taste of the contents of the bottle.

6. How tall is Alice in centimetres once she has shrunk? Name three things that are

about the same height she shrinks to.

7. What is the new problem stopping Alice from getting into the garden?

8. What does Alice remember doing to herself in the past when she cries?

9. What is the next thing Alice finds and what does she think it might do to her?

Size problems!

Alice soon becomes so large that her head hits the ceiling, and then when she picks up a fan that the rabbit drops she shrinks so small that she nearly drowns in her own tears. She imagines writing letters to her feet:

Pretend that you have suddenly got extremely large or extremely small but you are still in the room that you are in now.

Write a paragraph describing what made you change size and a second paragraph describing the problems that you have as a result of being the wrong size.


Y5 – direct and indirect speech PDF  – use the file (click the speech bubbles picture) to refresh your memory of how to write and punctuate direct speech accurately.


Y5 Write a description of what he can see.  Use powerful words and different sentence openers to make your writing engaging.


Y6 Write a couple of paragraphs to describe Sammy’s adventures.  Think about how to make your writing engaging by using powerful words, vivid descriptions and different sentence openers.

Y5 Geography – read the book ‘Tropical rainforest biomes' available on the Rivet link stage 6.  Choose one of the animals or plants and find out more information about them.  You could create a mini-factfile, draw pictures, find out about their conservation etc.


Y5 /6 Computing – try to make some of your own games following the tutorials on Scratch   This is a link with a tutorial so you can create your own world. 

Y6 Proverbs quiz

Create some illustrations for the different proverbs/idioms you have learnt. 


Y6 The heart and exercise – revise some of the work that we have been doing in school on the heart and exercise.  There are activity sheets to use as well – if you can’t print them out, let us know and we’ll make some available for collection.



Y6 History – read the book ‘Top 19 ground-breaking inventions from Ancient Greece’ available on the Rivet link stage 7.  Choose one of the inventions and find out more about the legacy of Ancient Greece on life today.

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top secret.jpg

Year 5 and Year 6 - additional activities


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