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Great Totham Primary School

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Headteacher: Miss S Vass

Welcome to Year 6 2016-2017

Phase Leader Mr Neil Quilter
 Year 6 Teachers Teaching assistants  

Miss Alice Griffiths (6G)

Mr Neil Quilter (6Q)

Mrs Susanna Craig (Y6)

Mrs Lindsey Raven

Mrs Caroline Elder

Mrs Andrea Deighton  

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**Scroll down to the bottom of our page to find information about our more recent antics!**

Welcome back! Time for some team building fun!


As part of the first two days back, the children had to complete many tasks that developed their interpersonal skills. We reflected on how we are as learners and what we wanted to achieve from our final year at Great Totham Primary School. One of the tasks involved logic and helped developed our communication and teamwork skills. The children had a great time - well done to the girls in 6G who solved the problem the quickest!

Following on from our very successful team building day at the start of the term we decided, during our house days, to see what the children had remembered and put into practise! The children made volcanoes with limited resources to really see who would 'get stuck in ' and overcome obstacles. It is fair to say Year Six learnt from their mistakes and the results were excellent!  The children also enjoyed themselves too, as you can see from the smiles on their faces.

Crucial crew:

On the 23rd September, year six were lucky enough to attend crucial crew. This is where the children are faced with a number of tasks and problems to tackle. This year’s workshops were run by, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, Maldon District Council Park Rangers, Maldon and Essex Lifesaving, Maldon Districts Councils Waste team, Essex County Council Road Safety Team, Alco HELP and The Plume School.

Whilst there the children represented the school brilliantly and were very engaged during the sessions.


Year six is the year the children are starting to think and get excited about which secondary school they are going to attend, as a result of this, Maltings Academy were very kind and put on an activity day for us to see what it is like being in a ‘big school’.

We got to go into a variety of classes and meet some of the teachers there. The classes we attended were, art, computing, drama, design and technology and lifesaving. Everyone left Maltings with some souvenirs and a good understanding of what to expect for secondary school.    

English competition:

In English we have been studying explanation texts. We have linked our work with our growing knowledge of evolution which we are also learning about in Science. Our link governor has asked for some examples of writing in year six to show the other governors. So during this unit we are having a friendly competition to allow the children to show off what they know. When we have written our final draft, we will submit our work to our governor, who will then take some time reading them and deciding on who has clearly worked their socks off to WOW him. He will pick one person from each English class and come in to present a price to this person. Stay tuned for our WOW work winners! We will be sharing some of this work on this page once the results are in!

Well done to Pippa Cane, Jay De Rosa and Fern Hazell-Young on winning the writing competition. Mr Gilbert, our Link Governor, was  suitably impressed with them all - in particular the gory and imaginative ways in which the children's animals met the deadly success criteria.

Devastation at Great Totham!

As part of a new unit writing newspapers the children experienced what it would be like seeing the devastation an earthquakes could cause. The sneaky teachers organised some children to completely turn the classrooms upside down without telling anyone. The faces of the children were a picture and we look forward to telling you all about the events in a newspaper report. 


Christmas Capers.

Everybody enjoyed a festive get together on Thursday 15th December as Christmas dinners were served at lunchtime. The children were fabulous and most stayed to help the rest of the school get served their dinners smoothly. Thank you Year 6 for being so considerate and kind, without their help it would not have been so successful!

Design and Technology Builds.

This week (W/C 12.16.2016) the classes have been getting stuck into model making. The children had to build a scaled down lift system to enable a person to reach the top of a volcano. The children learnt how do use a laptop to control motors and also used their knowledge of electrical circuits to create their final constructions. Some were more successful than others but everybody persevered well and learnt from their mistakes.

Athens Arrives...

Below you will find some photos of our Ancient Greek day - click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. The children had a great time playing in role as Athenians just before the Persians attacked. Those pesky Spartans were no use, so we used greater tactics to become victorious. We all celebrated with a banquet in the afternoon where children performed various acts to entertain the masses. It was excellent and the Mistress was very pleased!

World Book Day

The children dressed up (and the adults) as characters from David Walliams books. We had a range of costumes and the children looked excellent - well done everyone.

Star Baker award goes to...

Year 6 all got the 'Paul Hollywood double handshake' for their efforts in DT when they evaluated and tested different bread types. After much discussion, and a few pulled faces as they tasted breads from around the world, the children then had to knead and mix dough to create their own bread. Some glazed with milk or oil and others sprinkled seeds over their bread. It was a good chance to see yeast in action as the mixture proved - something we have learnt about in Science.

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Mannequin challenge.

The children, as part of RE, were asked to complete a tableau of the Last Supper. As you could imagine this was very alien to them, until we explained this is just an old-fashioned way of completing the mannequin challenge! The results are below:

We couldn't let them do just one mannequin challenge without having ago at a whole class video!

Outdoor Learning

The children completed their outdoor learning experience this week and they all got stuck into lots of activities. Maintenance was the theme of the day and the children helped clear out the pond area - some actually getting into the pond! They used loppers, saws and secateurs to clear a huge space for the school to utilise. Mini beast hunting and habitat work will be so much easier now! After, they whittled sticks to help with their cooking as they all cooked bread around a campfire.

They had a great time!